How to Handle Dividends Withholding Tax

Learn how to key in dividends withholding tax for exchanges and how to override it for individual stocks

There are some exchanges that has witholding taxes on dividends, and this is how to handle them in StocksCafe. This tutorial will also cover stocks on these exchanges that have different tax rates,

Exchange-level Setting: This is useful for markets where most stocks have a dividend withholding tax rate (e.g. US-listed companies have tax rate of 30%).

Stock-level Setting: This is useful because not all stocks listed on the US markets are subject to the same dividend tax rate. ADRs is a category of stocks that has tax rates based on the underlying market. For example, RDS.B is listed on NYSE but its primary market is LSE, hence there is no dividend withholding tax.

Exchange-level Setting

  1. Enter the tax rate for the exchange on this this page
    (also accessible via the navigation bar Username > Settings > Update Preferences > Dividends)
  2. Click Update to save

Stock-level Setting

  1. Navigate to the stock‚Äôs page (e.g. RDS.B)
  2. Scroll to the Dividends Tax Rate section and key in the tax rate
  3. Click Update to save

 Tutorial contributed by caulinez

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