How to Add Stocks to Watchlist and Create Alerts

Background : Keep an eye on stocks you are interested in by adding them to a watchlist. You can also set alerts for each individual stock which will notify you via email when triggered.

Watchlist is available to both Friends of StocksCafe as well as the free tier (max 30 for free tier).
Alerts are available only to Friends of StocksCafe.

How to add stocks to watchlist:

  1. Go to the stock page and click on “Add to Watchlist”.
  2. Select the watchlist you want to add the stock to. Or simply click “Add to watchlist” if you only have one list.
  3. Done!

How to create alerts for a stock:

  1. Go to the individual stock page (e.g. DBS)
  2. Click on the Add Alert button.
  3. Make the appropriate selections.
  4. Click on the Add button.
  5. Ensure Active Alerts Email is turned on in your email preferences.
  6. Done!