How to Create a Portfolio

Learn how to create a portfolio and add transactions to it

There is a portfolio function in StocksCafe and a user can create multiple portfolios. The creation of multiple portfolios allows you to track its individual performance and also look at the collective performance of all the portfolios as a whole.

Note: Multiple portfolios is a feature exclusive to Friends of StocksCafe.

How to create a portfolio and then add stocks to it

  1. First click on the portfolio from the first dropdown
  2. Next, click on the All button and then click on Add/Edit portfolio
  3. Input the name of the portfolio which is meaningful to you and click on Add
  4. Follow step 1 again to go back to the portfolio screen so that you can add stocks to your portfolio
  5. Now click on the Transactions tab and than click on Add to input the transactions
  6. Remember to choose the correct portfolio and you are good to go

 Tutorial contributed by caulinez