How to Enter My First Transaction

Learn how to record your first transaction

All features related to your portfolio is based on transactions you entered. Once you enter your transactions, StocksCafe will perform a wide variety of computations for you, ranging from your performance such as P&L, time-weighted, XIRR, to dividends collected and dividends expected to collect.

There are two ways to enter your transactions into StocksCafe:

In the StockCode field, please note that while only active stocks will be suggested in desktop, you can certainly add transactions for inactive stocks as well.

The rest of the fields should be quite self explanatory and have error/boundary checks on them hence you are unlikely to get it wrong.

Please adhere strictly to the format stated in the link.

As it is using a comma-separated format, please note that if you have any commas in the content (e.g. values more than 1000), please either remove them or put quotation marks around them (e.g. “1,234”).