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Questions about Cryptocurrencies

Are Cryptocurrencies supported in StocksCafe?

Yes, Crypto is supported in StocksCafe. Examples: Bitcoin is CC:BTC-USD, ETH is CC:ETH-USD, etc.

Requesting for new Cryptocurrency to be added

To add a new Crypto to StocksCafe, we need a link of the Crypto in one of the following exchanges:

  • coinmarketcap.com (example: Toko Token)
  • coinpaprika.com (example: KNC)

Please send a link of the Crypto you are requesting here for us to add it to StocksCafe.

Support of other base currencies

At this point, StocksCafe is only supporting USD as the base currency.

Given that the Crypto market is 24/7, when will you take the daily close price for portfolio update?

At 23:59 GMT. This is provided by the upstream provider.

Is it possible to send daily email after Crypto market is updated?

Yes, please go to this page and select “After CC EOD data becomes available (Only on Saturday and Sunday) – Around 7pm NYT (8am SGT)”

Note: Please ensure that your Email Frequency is set to “Daily”.

Updated on 27 May 2021

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