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How to Override Dividends

Learn how to edit auto-generated dividends

All dividends collected are automatically computed, however, this might not be sufficient in some cases like the following:

  • Some users might have chosen to purchase stocks instead of taking cash for some dividend payouts
  • Currently, StocksCafe does not handle retail bonds interest/dividends well

The above cases can be neatly and easily solved if the ability to manually override dividends is given to the user.

There are two manual overrides available:


This will delete all auto-generated dividends of a given stockcode on a given ExDate.

  1. On this page, locate the dividend that you want to delete and click Remove.
  2. Click OK and that dividend, along with any other dividends for the same stock on the same date will be automatically be removed.

Note: To undo a deletion, navigate to this page and Remove the override.


Choose to add as many dividends you want manually for any stockcode, for any given ExDate.

  1. On this page, fill in the details accordingly.
  2. Click Add.

Important: In cases where you believe the issue is with erroneous or missing dividends, please send a message instead of using the manual override as it would help other users across StocksCafe as well. Thanks!

Updated on 22 April 2021

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