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How to Track T-Bills in StocksCafe?

All you need to do is create a Buy transaction when your bid is successful and create a Sell transaction when you sell it or it reaches maturity

Note: At the moment, only the desktop version supports the entering of T-Bills transactions.

How to fill in the Buy transaction fields?

StockCode: Please enter the Issue Code with prefix SBILL. e.g. SBILL:BS22118H for the 6-months T-Bill with issue date “20 Sep 2022”.
Note: You must prefix with SBILL and also use the 8 digit alphanumeric issue code.

Date: Please enter the issue date.

Number of Shares: Each bill is worth $100. So if you bought $1000, you should enter 10 here.

Price per Share: Enter the cut-off price. e.g. For issue code BS22118H, it is 98.345.

After the purchase, StocksCafe will simply assume that the market price of it to be $100. I understand that there is a secondary market for you to sell it but it is not easy to get this data and also in theory, it should be a gradual appreciation from the discounted price (e.g. $98.345) to $100 over the tenure period (e.g. 6 months).

To keep things simple, the simplistic assumption of the market price being $100 will be made.

How to fill in the Sell transaction fields?

Everything is the same as in the Buy transaction except:

Date: Either the date you sold it on the secondary market or the maturity date.

Price per Share: The price you sold it for on the secondary market or 100 if you left it till maturity.

Updated on 20 September 2022

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