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How to Track Stashaway in StocksCafe

Learn how to use StocksCafe to track StashAway (and other similar investments)


  1. Create a new portfolio (e.g. StashAway USD)
  2. Set USX Tax Rate to 30
  3. Every month, download the monthly statements (PDF) from StashAway.
  4. Copy & paste the “Buy/Sell” transactions and format into CSV
    Tip: Use Google Sheet to help with transforming the data into the right format for StocksCafe
  5. Copy the relevant rows from Google Sheet (e.g. exclude header row) into a new CSV file for import into StocksCafe.

BonusSet up your StashAway Portfolio to compare against US Indexes (e.g. USX:SPY) to see how it is performing against indexes.


  1. Price and Total column in Transaction Overview tends to be highlighted. However, it is safe to ignore them.
  • Highlighted Price just means that day, the stock did not trade in that range. Likely due to time difference or StashAway have a different source, etc. So far, it seems like the difference is small and can be safely ignored.
  • Highlighted Total just means that for buy action, Price x Shares < Total which is weird for buy transactions (and reverse for sell action). Again, so far, it seems like difference is small and likely due to floating points errors hence can be safely ignored.
  1. Cash Balance Tracking
    It is not easy to track the amount of cash in StashAway with StocksCafe because StashAway does not always convert 100% of cash into USD for trading (e.g. I put in SGD5,000 but StashAway only converts SGD4,950 into USD for trading). In addition, dividends are automatically reinvested.
  2. Dividends Tracking
    StocksCafe is able to somewhat track the dividends received automatically, plus/minus a few cents.
  3. Monthly Fees
    To handle StashAway’s monthly management fees, add it in on this page.
    For more infomation, please read this article.

Credit: iamsq and wei

Note: I do not personally use StashAway or other robot advisors. This guide is mainly contributed by awesome users like iamsq and wei. Please feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions/comments.

Updated on 22 April 2021

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