All Features in StocksCafe

A list of all the features in StocksCafe

This page documents all the features in StocksCafe, and is divided into 4 main categories:

  • Management
  • Discovery
  • Monitoring
  • Others

Hopefully this will help you find something or maybe even discover something new. Please feel free to contact us if there is anything missing or if there are dead links.


Current Portfolio – An overview of your portfolio current performance and risk. You can also adjust to display only fields that are of interest to you on this page.

Portfolio Report – Allows you to see how you have performed and grown over time.

Closed Positions – Shows you how well you have performed for positions that you have closed.

Portfolio News – Gathers all news related to stocks in your portfolio in one place.

Portfolio Sector – Shows you how invested you are in each sector.

Portfolio Upcoming Dividends – View the dividends you are about to collect.

Collected Dividends – View the dividends you have collected.

Dividend Projection in Portfolio Report – View the estimate of the dividends you will receive for the year. Read this article for more information.

Dividends Override – Manually override (i.e. add or delete) dividends. However, you are encouraged to report the issue instead of manually overriding it if the issue lies with StocksCafe so that StocksCafe can improve for the benefit of all users. Refer to this tutorial for more information.

Transactions Overview – View all your transactions.

Cash Balance lets you keep track of the amount of cash you have on hand. Refer to this page for more information.

Add Transactions – Allows you to add new transactions.

Import Transactions – Easily import multiple transactions into StocksCafe by uploading a CSV file.

Export Transactions – Bulk-export all transactions you have in StocksCafe to a CSV file.

Multiple Portfolios – Track multiple investment accounts (e.g. CDP, CFP, SRS) in one StocksCafe account.

Other Assets – Add assets/liabilities (insurance, mortgage, etc) that are not currently supported in StocksCafe. Refer to this tutorial for more information.

Dashboard – View your net worth and see how far you are from financial freedom. Refer to this tutorial for more information.

Portfolio Allocation – View your portfolio’s allocation across different categories. You can also customize your own category. Learn how to do so on this page.

Options – Keep track of your options.


Risk Manager – Ranks stocks in your current watchlist based on diversification factors.

Share Your Portfolio – Share your portfolio in StocksCafe and/or your blog. All portfolios are set to private by default. Simply update your sharing preferences to share your portfolio with others. Read this article for more information.

Shared Portfolios – View other users’ portfolios that have been made public. You can choose to follow certain portfolios by liking them and they will appear here. Liking them enables you to compare your portfolio against theirs and also know what are the top stocks held and the trending stocks in those portfolios.

Market News – Stay updated with all the latest stock-related news in the market.

Trending News – Shows the top news with the most views in recent days.

Trending Stocks – Shows the stocks have spikes in their daily transaction relative to its recent history.

Market Upcoming Dividends – View the stocks that will be distributing dividends soon.

Market Past Dividends – View stocks that have recently distributed dividends.

Market Dividend Yield – View the distribution of dividend yields for stocks listed in SGX.

Market Sector – Easily see at a glance the stocks in each sector/industry.

Screener – Screen through all stocks listed in SGX using metrics chosen by you. There are currently around 100 metrics to choose from. You can save the profile of metrics which allows for easy reuse, email updates, and display in individual stock summary pages. Refer to this tutorial for more information.

Stock Summary – A variety of technical, fundamental, and other information about the stock.

Stock Profile – More in-depth current and historical fundamental information.

Stock News – Gathers all the news related to the stock and displays them in reverse chronological order (i.e. latest news shown first).

Stock Dividend Summary – Tells you the current and historical yearly dividend payout of the stock.

Stock Dividend Details – Displays all the dividends that the stock has given out over the years.

Stock Recent Prices – Shows the recent prices and volume information of the stock.

Indexes – See the list of popular indexes and their components.


Add to Watchlist – Add stocks you want to monitor to your watchlist. You can also add it by clicking on Add to WatchList on the individual stock page (e.g. DBS).

Watchlist Overview – A quick overview of all the stocks added to your watchlist.

Watchlist Profile – List of stocks in your watchlist with customizable metrics to display.

Watchlist Blogs – Gathers all blog posts related to stocks in your watchlist in one place.

Watchlist News – Gathers all news related to stocks in your watchlist in one place.

Watchlist Dividends – Shows you which stocks in your watchlist will be giving out dividends soon.

Alerts – Easily keep track of price, volume, and dividend movement of stocks. You can set Technical or Screener alerts. Refer to this tutorial for more information.

Notes – You can have the notes tagged to a stocka transaction, or simply save it as a general note. This way, you can always refresh your memory on why you chose certain actions/inactions, opinions/conclusions of stocks, as well as general lessons learned from your investments. Read this article for more information.

My Summary – The ability to keep detailed and time-insensitive summary about a company (different from Notes where information is short and time-sensitive). Logged in users will be able to access it on each stock’s page.

Market Update Emails – Sends emails right to your inbox to keep you updated on your portfolio, watchlist, and the market. Be sure to whitelist with your service provider so that these emails do not go to spam.


Simulator attempts to answer the ultimate question of “How can you retire?” (or “How can you achieve financial freedom” as some prefer). Read this article for more information.

Exchange Rates shows you the latest currency exchange rates from ECB.

Multiple Emails let you registers multiple email addresses so that StocksCafe will send you multiple copies of the same emails to different addresses. This is especially useful if both you and your spouse would like to receive updates on the portfolio. Read this article for more information.

Updated on 24 April 2023

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