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What is Cash Balance and How to Use It

What is Cash Balance for?

  1. See how much cash you have in various trading platforms/accounts at a glance

You no longer have to log in to your different trading accounts one by one, because Cash Balance tracks the cash you currently have on hand all in a single place.

Whether it’s buying or selling stocks, receiving dividends (automatically added), or moving funds to/from your trading account.

This assumes that if you create multiple portfolios in StocksCafe, each portfolio will correspond to a single trading account, and a single currency.


  • Tiger SGD
  • Tiger USD
  • Saxo SGD
  • Saxo JPY
  • SRS

2. Keep a historical record of all cash transactions

This lets you easily track the history and movement of your cash in each portfolio.

Quick guide to use Cash Balance

  1. Turn on Cash Balance: On this page, check Cash Balance

    Recommended: Also check Auto Sync Cash Balance Dividend so that whenever you add/remove/update a transaction, processes will automatically run in the background (once a day at midnight Singapore time) to ensure that the DIVIDEND transactions are still correct.
  2. Enter the amount of cash you presently have in that account into your portfolio.
  3. Whenever you add a new portfolio transaction, there is a “Add to Cash Transactions” option. Ensure the box is checked and the new balance will be automatically updated for you.

Note: For all stocks that you hold (including those before you activated Cash Balance), all dividends paid out after you activated Cash Balance will automatically be added to your balance on the pay date.


What happens to all the transactions I made before I activated Cash Balance?

Nothing happens. Cash Balance will start counting from the point you activated the Cash Balance function.

Why is the Cash Balance amount not identical to the amount in my trading account?

A difference of a few cents is unavoidable as the difference might come about due to interest, or rounding of decimal places. To handle this, you can add a cash transaction with the difference (account for it by noting it as “adjustment” or something you will remember) so that the Cash Balance reflects the amount identical to the that of the trading account.

How do I add Cash to current portfolio?

With cash added to the current portfolio, we can understand how our cash influences our risk, returns, and other metrics. It will affect various computations in pages related to current portfolio (e.g. portfolio overview pageportfolio performance page, etc), but it will not affect the portfolio report page.

  1. Ensure Cash Balance is activated (refer to Quick Guide above)
  2. On this page, check the “Add Cash to Portfolio” box

How do I reset Cash Balance for dividends?

If for any reason you want to reset dividend transactions (e.g. you edited or deleted some), navigate to this page and click on Sync Cash Balance Dividend.

What “Sync Cash Balance Dividend” does is that it will re-populate/sync (i.e. delete all and add again) dividend transactions to Cash Balance based on your transactions history.

Note: It will not delete or adjust any cash transactions that you have manually entered.

Updated on 14 December 2021

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