How to Best Use StocksCafe

What can StocksCafe do for you and how to best use StocksCafe

There are three main themes to StocksCafe: ManagementDiscovery, and Monitoring.


Having the ability to manage your portfolio is essential to anyone who invests. Management tools focus on helping you manage and understand your portfolio. One popular feature is the ability to auto-compute collected dividends based on your transaction history.

Another useful feature is the ability to override auto-computed dividends as some dividends have a choice of cash or stocks. StocksCafe always assumes that cash is chosen, and if that’s not true for your case, you can manually change it.

Finally, at the request of several users, StocksCafe added the capability to hold multiple portfolios (e.g. CDP, CPF and SRS) in a single StocksCafe account.

Useful links:
Tutorial: Override dividends
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Deciding what stock to buy/sell is always tough. Discovery tools aim to assist you in tackling this tricky problem. There are two sub-themes here:

  1. Discover interesting stocks among the several hundred stocks listed in SGX
  2. Discover or learn more about a particular stock

Personally, there are a few features that I rely heavily upon when making investment decisions. This is my typical process:

  1. Screener to shortlist stocks based on metrics that are of interest to me
  2. I will then add those stocks to my watchlist
  3. Once in my watchlist, I use Risk Manager to see how well they fit into my portfolio
  4. Next, I use Stock Summary, Stock Profile, Stock Dividend, etc. to learn more the stock before making my purchase decision


Before and after purchasing a stock, we would often want to monitor them. Monitoring tools allows you to do this easily. The most prominent of them would be the Market Update Emails.

These emails allow you to easily keep track of your portfolio, your watchlist, and the market in general. Be sure to whitelist with your email provider so that these emails do not end up in the spam folder.

Another feature that I regularly use is Notes. Keeping notes remind me of why I bought/sold stocks and also allow me to record my thoughts of certain stocks at that point in time.

Finally, I have Alerts set in place to notify me whenever a particular stock hits my price target to buy or sell.

There is a lot more to StocksCafe that has not been mentioned. See the full list of StocksCafe on this page.

Updated on 13 October 2021

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